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Local Pest Control Wasp Nest Removal

Wasps are most active in the warm summer months, causing annoyance and painful stings. Only female wasps have a sting, which they can use repeatedly, if they feel under threat. In most cases, a wasp sting causes no long term harm, but it can be life threatening if you are allergic to stings. Treating a wasp nest is the most efficient way to control a wasp problem and reduce the threat of stings.

It is best to treat a nest earlier in the year before numbers increase and the wasps become more aggressive, increasing the threat of stings during treatment. Wasps have the potential to attack in large numbers if their nest is disturbed.

We offer a safe and convenient solution to get rid of your wasp problem quickly. Our technicians are NPTA members and all of our work is guaranteed. If you are still experiencing a problem after 7 days contact us for a free re-treatment.

It is not necessary to remove an old nest (we do not remove nests unless they are at ground level, in sheds, garages, bushes or trees etc). Our treatment will consist of applying an insecticide into the entrance hole that the wasps are using.

We do not carry out treatment from ladders but have equipment that will reach up to roof height on a normal two story house.

If you are being pestered by dozens of wasps, daily then there will be a colony nearby that will need treatment. Check the exterior of your building to see if you can find the entrance point. If you think you have a problem with wasps and would like a treatment, please contact us immediately.