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Mice in your home or business can be very distressing. They spread disease in their search for food and shelter, posing health risks, particularly in kitchens and food storage areas. Mice can cause other problems, so taking action to eliminate a mouse infestation quickly is important as they will damage your property as gnawing by mice can damage insulation, pipes, doors, floorboards and they also shred fabrics and paper to build nests. Mice contaminate foodstuffs as pathogens in their urine and droppings can transmit diseases such as Hantavirus and Salmonella. They will also cause damage that can endanger your property, as they gnaw to squeeze through gaps and control their teeth. This can include chewing of electrical wiring in premises and vehicles that can lead to the risk of fire.

The life cycle of a mouse makes it easy to see why these rodents are such common pests. It’s not that the mouse lifespan is unnaturally long, but more that mice are notorious breeders. Just one female mouse in your home can average between 25 and 60 offspring in a single year. At that point, you no longer have a mouse problem – you have a mouse infestation.

When a female mouse gets pregnant, it only takes between 19 and 21 days for her to give birth to a litter. Each litter typically consists of five or six mouse pups, though it’s not rare to see as many as 12 in a litter.

A typical female mouse can birth between five and 10 litters per year. She can mate immediately after giving birth, meaning mice can birth a second litter in as little as 25 days after the first. This cycle continues until the mouse dies. By that time, her offspring’s offspring have likely also birthed a few litters, which are starting to breed