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Most moths are harmless, however a few are pests due to the damage their larvae cause to materials, fabrics and stored products. Unlike many pests they pose no health risk.

 In the UK, there are 4 species of moth found in homes that can cause problems, and these have differing preferences for materials, which means their larvae cause slightly different damage to fabrics and materials.

In the beginning of the Clothes moth life cycle adult female moths can lay 100-400 eggs over their short life and these eggs are tiny, typically 0.5mm in length. The eggs hatch from between 4 and 10 days depending on temperature and humidity.

The eggs hatch as clothes moth larvae – this is the destructive stage. The larvae are typically a few millimeters long upon hatching but then grow to 1-1.5cm in length, dependent on availability of food (i.e. your natural woolen and silk clothing or carpets as examples!) and moisture to help intake of water – they cannot ‘drink’ in a conventional sense and hence require humidity. This is why residual perspiration or food and drink stains on clothing attract moths. Clothes moth larvae can stay at this stage for up to 30 months (2 ½ years!) happily eating your clothing whilst waiting for the right conditions to turn into adult moths. This is precisely why cloths moth issues persist through the winter, not just from the Spring when the adults tend to start flying.

As moth control experts, our NPTA certified technicians can offer effective solutions to any moth infestation. We have many methods to quickly eradicate moths in your home or business.