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Carpet Beetles


The treatment of bed bugs involves carrying out a full site survey assessing the extent of the infestation and using a ULV fogging machine to fill each room with a fine mist of residual insecticide.

The treatment is not instantaneous but works over a period of time. For the treatment to be successful it is necessary for householders to follow these instructions.

Remove all bed linen from the beds to be treated and put it on a hot wash.

Empty divan bed drawers in the rooms to be treated. Place contents in bags until after treatment, but leave in the rooms.

Remove stored items from the floors and clear everything from under the bed.

Make sure rooms to be treated are clear enough for the Pest Control Technician to move the furniture easily as they treat.

People and pets must leave the house during treatment, and return after a minimum period of 4 hours.

It is vital to keep using the beds in the infested rooms. The reason for this is that your presence attracts the bed bugs out of hiding and onto the residual insecticide. Not using beds will result in the bed bugs becoming dormant and waiting for you to return, as they can withstand starvation for many months.

Do not take bedding or bedclothes from the affected rooms into other areas of the house, as you may accidentally transport the bed bugs. If you wish to move items like these, put them into a bag and wash them at the hottest temperature advised for each fabric.